About PakRcMart.com

Who we are ?

We are group of Remote control hobbyist, we used to buy online from many websites to fulfill needs of our remote control passion.
We gone thru all hurdles in this field FROM placing order online TO receiving the Hobby-grade RC Products. A 'Single Hobby-grade RC ProductPart' of 5$ becomes 25$, going thru all processes, that include Visa payment charges, Shipment charges,  Huge Custom Charges AND lastly the great waiting time.....errr.....!!.

Thus we decided to start facilitate others who are in this PASSION, not to have same barriers in the field of RC.... !!

Price ?

Guaranty of lowest price in Pakistan's RC Market. If you find any retailer selling you the same products as we do in lower priced as compare to ours. We will refund exceeded money to you.

PakRcMart's prices are kept so low because of our direct links with factories & custom clearing in Pakistan. We will never go through a vendor or middle man, the savings are always passed on to the customer.
Being a low-profit organization, PakRcMart is often unable to further discount it's products, however we do price match all our products!
We believe our free delivery of goods to any area in Pakistan is fair enough and delivery speed well within customers expectations.

Why limited products ?

We only sell those products for which we are able to provide full support of their parts. We do not sell any products without support of Spare parts.

Before adding any new item to our e-store, we thoroughly inspect the samples of products and bring it to our e-store once it fits in our expectations of quality.


Please feel free to contact us at any point - Thank you and Happy RC Shopping!

Pak Rc Mart